The Inquiry Letter

The Inquiry Letter is useful when you need information, advice, names or directions. It is made for the purpose of obtaining pricelists, booklets, catalogs, samples, the name of dealers, the details of a timepayment,plan, and other information. Here are the characteristicsof inquiry letters;

1. give reason for the wanting information
2. be specific
3. be concise
4. omit unnecessary details (direct)
5. simple

Here are the tips of making inquiry letters;

1. Begin your letter by stating who you are and giving your status or position (such as student, researcher,or interested consumer)

2. You might want to briefly explain the purpose of your letter or what you hope to accomplish. Such an explanation may prompt the recipient of your letter to act more quickly.

3. Include the date by which you need the information, services, etc., that you are requesting, and indicate that you await the reader’s response.

4. Thank the person for his/her time.

Here is the example of inquiry letter;

Simple inquiry letter sample -

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