EC Final examination Grade XI

Dear students,

This is the description of your final examination:

Make a speech at least around 3 minutes about one of the following topics:

Grade XI Science Program;
1. The role of IT towards education in Indonesia
2. Are we ready to be an international school ?
3. If i were the English teacher of SMA YPPI-II Surabaya

Grade XI Social Program;
1. Are we ready to be the IT based school?
2. Are we ready to be an international school ?
3. If i were the English teacher of SMA YPPI-II Surabaya

Submit the speech in the form of CD just like UTS and give the summary of your interview to www.allaboutenglish-zone.blogspot.com. Dont forget to leave your identity (name / class / no.)

The due is 0n June 6th 2009
After June 6th 2009, you will get the lowest score.

The scoring criteria:
- pronunciation (cara baca ) 20%
- content (isi ) 40%
- grammar (tata bahasa) 20%
- fluency (kelancaran) 20

Good Luck and do your best!


Anonymous said...

class: xi ipa/9

Good morning my teacher and all my friends.
First I will give thanks to the Lord because Him give me time to stand up in here. Now I want to share and stories about my views if I as the English teacher.
The first I will speak English to the student in classroom and outside the classroom. Why??
because learn the language it is not separated from day to day habits. As well as merchant traders in Kuta Bali, everyday they are forced or induced to speak with the English language, they are need times to study English language and they try to can speak English. That can offer goods to buyers, especially from foreign tourists, so that the habits is easy to communicate with them.
The second I will give books with English language, whether formal or non formal. The formal such as textbooks, which use the English language while the non formal such as novels, comics, magazines, and others. If we make accustomed read used English then we will be used to choose the reading material book that used English because that has become the habit and possibly hobby special for us.
The third, I occasionally share with my student watching the movie who speak English without text, then translate with my students. This method was the method that most was easy to make our ears accustomed to listening to English.
The fourth, start from student up until sleep again every see any object is always searching in the dictionary for what goods.
I think for the beginning of the while will I do, because such behavior will be easier for us to understand and learn the English language.
This is my speech thank you for your listen and attention. Good morning.

Anonymous said...

Name: eRiKa F
Grade: XI science
Number: 05

The topic of my speech is:
"The role of IT toward the education in Indonesia"

The point of my speech are:
1. The education in Indonesia is worse then the other countries like singapore

2. The education in Singapore is more superior if equivalent with Indonesia

3. The school in Singapore use an international standart value

4. Education in Indonesia need a lot of things to increase the quality of the education

5. Almost the whole of the people use IT

6. People know that IT is a technology that can help to know a new information

7. IT is very useful for education in Indonesia

Thank You Mam Rizka

God Bless You

Naomi Wahyuna said...

Name : Naomi
Class : XI IPA / 06
Topic : "The role of IT towards education in Indonesia"

Content of my speech :
1. Many aspects in our life are influenced by IT included education life especially in course of study.

2. E-learning is very populer in this time.

3. One result of IT is internet which give us many advantages especially to get some information.

4. In the future, the education sooner or later cannot be quit off from computer existence and internet.

5. One day, children will not need a book. They just having to look out on the computer to study and get some materials.

Anonymous said...

name: bobby.w
class: XI IPA / 03

1. we as students must study hard.
2. after we graduating from senior high school, we must continue to the university.
3. we can have a course.
4. we must believe our self if we can do it.
5. we must always asking question.

Anonymous said...

Name: edwin class: XI IPA / 04 1. The role of IT is to put forward for education in indonesia. 2. IT is have many function. 3. IT is have the positive effect and the negative effect. 4. many kind the role of IT towards education in indonesia.

Anonymous said...

name: Anastasia
grade: XI IPA/ 02

the topic of my speech of:
The role It toward education in Indonesia

The point of my speech are:
1. with IT, the education in Indonesia is forward
2. Students can get information
3. teacher can get information from many different school
4. the bad effects of IT
5. so, use IT for a good purpose

Anonymous said...

class:xi IPS/12

The topic of my speech is:are we ready to have IT based lesson?

the point of my speech is:
1.information tegnologi is very important for education in indonesian.

2.new age has already time we can goes to like another country.

3.altough indonesia growing country,education for indonesia also dont loose with other country but very much people or student in indonesia to do mistakes.

4. know IT toward the education in indonesia,very much student use IT for part they education

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Name : sherly. n
class :XI IPA/ 07

the topic my speech is the role of IT toward education in indonesia

the point of my speech is:
1. to information by tecnology

2. to information by computer

3. to use IT for education in indonesia

4. good effect and bade effect of IT

that's why IT in school very need and teach to many people

thank you

Anonymous said...

name : siska
class : XI IPA / 8

the topic of my speech is :
the role IT toward education in Indonesia.

the point of my speech :
1. not only international school that use an IT
2. IT is very useful, especially for student
3. IT is so much go forward
4. in Indonesia there are many task from pupils.
5. but very - very to be sorry with an action from government.
6. IT not only give the user a good effect but also a bad effect.
7. so, government must take an action that capable

thank you....

Anonymous said...

name: rachmat. s
class : XI IPA / 17

topic my speech is student should be ready to prepare theis future

the points my speech is:
1. education is important for children and must study where asa success in examination

2. choose suitable faculty and university

3. in globalisasi era, get a title is important for get a good job and brilliant future

4. students for their future must dicipline and for us and respon bility with descition for theis future

thank you

Anonymous said...

Name : denny
Class : XI-IPS

the topic of my speech is are we ready to have IT based lesson?

the point :
1. we are student must study with IT
2. many school in Indonesia used IT
3. in next year, we didn't have a job because, we aren't know about IT

Anonymous said...

name : Gunawan
class : XI-IPA

My summary
1. Defination of International School

2. The example if that schools are Internasional

3. The opinion if the student ready or not with the come of IT.

Anonymous said...

Name : Herlina P.
Class : XI - IPA

Topic :
Students should be ready to prepare their future.

1. Future important for us.
2. About talent
3. Example

Anonymous said...

Name : Richardo W
Class: Xb/23

How are you mam.....
i want to reclaim my duty.
i have already interview my friend 2 weeks later to complete my job.
i will explain to you how i interview him.
first, i ask to him if he have a time.
second, i start to ask him for his hobby.
third, i ask him about his like and dislike sport.
and then, i invite him to play his hobby with me. because he have a same hobby as me.
finally, we decide to reading a book in library near his home.

that interwiew to complete my job.
so, i hope i not disappointing you.


Anonymous said...

Name : Evelyn A. H.
Class : XI-IPA
Number: 22

My speech topic is, " Are we ready to be an International School?"

My Summary,
~ About International school.
~ Different National school and International school.
~ My opinion

Anonymous said...

Class:XI IPS / 06

The topic of my speech is:
if i were the english teacher of SMA YPPI II

The point of my speech is:
1. The students could understand how important is English
2. How to make the students who did not like English to liked English,
3. The instruction of all the students understood English
4. The students could in the YPPI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL take the positive side after could understand English that could be useful to his future both by the national exam and they were mature

thank you mam...

Post by said...

Name : Evelyn
Class : XA / 5

I have already interview Mega from X B this morning.
From that interview, I can get information if next holiday she will go to her hometown Banyuwangi with her family. Mega has ability too. She write a poem and read it.
Besides that, she likes swim, read a novels or comics, watch movie and listen music. For novels and comics she likes a story about detective, so for novel she likes Sherlock Holmes and for comic she likes Detective Conan. If movie she likes an action and fiction movie like Fast and Furious, Mission Imposible and Harry Potter. Besides that, she likes listen music too, for music she likes jazz, wals, pop and she likes Celine Dion because according to her, she has a great and beautiful voice.

Anonymous said...

Name:Shierly Yunita
Class:XI IPS / 23

The topic of my speech is:
"if i were the english teacher of SMA YPPI II"

The point of my speech is:
- I will survive make my students in order that become to smart in english language
- I will survive to understand my students in order that they not boring in my lesson
- I will survive to teach my students with very good
- I will give the lesson that the difference than that was other

Thank you Mam
God Bless You always
See You^^

Anonymous said...

Name : Natalia Megawati
Class : XI IPS / 20

Topic :
"If i were the english teacher of SMA YPPI II"

The point of my speech is:
1. I will make english become pleasant to be studied
2. With English language of all the students could understand the English lesson
3. The method of could generate the motivation someone
4. Can make someone find it easy to received the lesson in afterwards the day
5. Gave the method that more was easy to study English

Thank You...

Anonymous said...

Name : Steffi Djayadi
Class : XI IPS / 11

Topic :
"If i were the english teacher of YPPI Senior High School 2 "

Content of my speech :

*.* I will make my students liked English, by means of making a game

*.* I will give motivation for my students

*.* The method of making my students brave spoke English although his language was wrong at least they tried

*.* I wanted to make all of my students more could understand the English lesson that was very useful for his future

Thank You...
^_^ Tepi...