What is procedure text ?

Have you ever try this food ? Do you know how to make it ? Lets study first and then you will know how to make it.

Now, we are dealing with a text called procedure text. Procedures help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions eg step by step method to germinate seeds. The text below is an example of a procedure. The labels show the structure and language features of procedure text. Procedures begin by outlining an aim or goal. Sometimes there is a list of the materials and equipment needed and the steps are then listed in order.

When writing a procedure text you should:
• use present tense eg spray
• include technical terms when you need to eg friable
• use words that tell the reader how, when and where to perform the task eg fill, firmly.

The example of the procedure text can be seen through the following address:


Can you identify the aim, materials, and steps ? What are they ?
1. Aim
2. Materials
3. Steps

Now, try this one.

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