What is News Item text ?

Well, Reading is an enjoyable activities, isn't it ? Reading newspaper can be done anywhere and anytime. Reading will give us more than we've expected. So,before we read more about the news, lets study about news item text.

News Item text is one of the most popular text throughout the world. It tells the reader about the newsworthy event or important event take place. The generic structure is :

1. Newsworthy event (the main news)
2. Background events (the details about the news, the sequence of the events)
3. Sources (the comment from the witnesses, experts)

The main features of this text is the use of reported speech and simple past tense.

Look at the example on the following address :


If you want to get more example about news, you can click www.thejakartapost.com on the right side of this blog.

After you've read the example, click the exercises on the left side. And do the exercises. have a nice exercises.

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