What is report text ?

Do you know about this animal ? Where do you usually find it ? Do you recognize the characteristics ? Before we discuss it deeper, lets have a look to the following information.

Report text is a text which is created to describe the way things are with reference to a range of natural, man-made and social phenomena in our environment.

A report text consists of two parts:
- General classification
( a sentence that tells what the phenomenon under discussion. Usually in the beginning of the text).
- Description
(describe what the phenomenon is like, in terms of: Parts, Qualities, Habits or uses).

The grammatical features are:
- Focus on Generic Participants
(Generic participants refer to all the members of a genus, class, group, or kind)
- Using simple present tense (unless the object was extinct)

Click the example of the report text can be seen on this pages.


Now, after you have' read it, you can find two more examples there. Just Click to the the right bar of this blog, Wikipedia. After that, type the name of your favourite Indonesian animals on the search box. Next, wikipedia will give you the information about it. Finally, Consult your teacher about your findings.

Next meeting, Click the left bar of this blog, and download the lesson plan (RPP of Report Text). The lesson will be conducted based on that lesson plan. Do you have any questions ? Just leave it on the chat zone and i'll try to answer it just for you. :)

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